Bucket Top Cutting Board

Turn your favorite bucket into the ultimate adventure companion. Made and hand-finished in San Diego with marine-grade HDPE, the heavy duty Bucket Top Cutting Board completes your gear list.

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Happy Campers

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    Very well made and fits perfectly. Great communication, very nice packaging of the item and fast delivery.

    - Andy

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    Amazing quality and the seller was an absolute pleasure to work with.
    - Kim

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    Excellent item. So handy for boat days and great quality. Fits right on top of the Yeti.
    - Sevda

Where the Buffalo Play

Buffalo Island Outfitters creates premium-quality adventure accessories that are meticulously crafted and hand-finished in San Diego, California. We are inspired by Santa Catalina Island, a dusty paradise off the California coastline, frozen in time. This island uniquely blends elements of the wild west and marine exploration with a touch of Hollywood enchantment.

The story of buffalos on Catalina dates back to the 1920s when they were brought to the island for a western movie shoot. These creatures, however, managed to break free and now roam happily across the island's mountains and beaches.

We have fond memories of camping around the island aboard our grandparents' trawler, where we would explore from its underwater kelp forests up to its cactus adorned hilltops.

Family owned and operated, our products are designed to enhance outdoor experiences and enable the same kind of adventures with family and friends.